Feature Update - Set Lay-up Period

With Winter fast approaching and many customer vessels being winterized we have added a new function to reduce non-applicable alerts throughout the winter or a yard period.  The Lay-Up function is available for Yacht and Fleet Administrators and allows the ability to put a vessel or vessels in Lay-up Mode.  This feature is available on the Vessel Admin and Fleet Settings page under the new button "Set Lay-Up Period".

A vessel can be put into Lay-up when it will be out of service for a finite period of time such as when its maintenance will not be performed during a set timeframe.  In lay-up mode, any calendar driven maintenance alerts (PM's & OM's) that would alert within the date range would be rescheduled to the end of the lay-up period, hourly alerts will remain.  As an example, if a vessel is put into lay-up for two weeks, 1/1-1/15, no active PM's or OM's will alert during this time period.  At the end of the lay-up, when the vessel automatically comes out of lay-up, all of the suspended alerts will become active that day.

IMPORTANT: When placing a vessel into lay-up, the process cannot be undone, so it is important to be sure that the out of service dates are accurate. Also, any new PM's or OM's can be created when a vessel is in lay-up and they will be active per the manually input Next Due Date selected.  In addition, for fleet customers when a vessel is put into lay-up mode the Vessel Status is changed automatically to "Not Mission Capable" and the lay-up period is noted in the Vessel Status notes.

In addition to the Lay-up mode, there is also an option to turn OFF / ON Alerts for OM's and or PM's.  This is not to be used in conjunction with Lay-up but is another option for alert updates.  If alerts are tuned off then turned back on at a later date, the original due date will remain.