WheelHouse Spare Parts Outfitting can provide you with all the spare parts you need for your new or refit yacht, or to prepare for an upcoming voyage. We will source the parts you require and ship them to your location. Spare parts will include detailed labeling identifying the applicable equipment ID, part name, part number, and manufacturer.

SeaKits Brand Spare Parts Kits are the solution for onboard storage of service and repair parts. Our Spare Parts Outfitting customers have benefited from the organization, safe keeping, and inventory management features of our Spares Kits. Now, individual kits can be custom designed for yacht and workboat owners and equipment suppliers. SeaKits determines the correct inventory and then sources, bags, tags and kits the parts into sturdy water resistant boxes. Spare Parts Kits can be designed for virtually any equipment and manufacturer.

Replenishment is available through an easy Quote Request manager in WheelHouse providing point and click selections based on short inventory or re-order alerts.  Parts  and equipment can be shipped worldwide via our Global Logistics service.