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WheelHouse provides an easy-to-use interface to manage maintenance related activities on a single vessel or fleet.  This powerful vessel maintenance system enables the owner/operator; captain; crew; or engineer to maintain the material condition of their vessel(s) using comprehensive Planned Maintenance (PMs) Tasks and Onetime Maintenance (OMs) Tasks that link documents, special tools, and required parts to the task.  WheelHouse is a Software as a Service (Saas) application on cloud technology with off-line syncing operation through WheelHouse Underway.  The recent addition of vessel monitoring now allows user to integrate  real-time monitoring and switching control over their vessels.  

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WheelHouse and Partner Outer Reef Yachts in Yachting, April 2011

Yachting Magazine, April 2011 - Touch and go

Service and maintenance go digital on every Outer Reef.

If you’re like most yachtsmen, you have a journal or stack of notes with all of your maintenance milestones. If you’re an Outer Reef owner, however, you can take advantage of WheelHouse Technologies (formerly SeaKits) integrated Marine Maintenance System (MMS). It allows owners to follow a service plan, generate work orders, track and order parts, and perform other smart functions. The owner’s manual is also formatted digitally. Buy a tablet such as an iPad, and you have an overview of your vessel from anywhere, at any time. WheelHouse will also develop a program that fits your specific boat.

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