Oil and Coolant Analysis should be part of any preventive maintenance program on cruising yachts and workboats.  SeaKits Brand Analysis Kits are available for engine oil, transmission oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, engine coolant, and fuel.  Oil and coolant analysis is one of the most important methods to monitor the condition of your equipment to identify potential failures before they occur.

Extended Oil Drain Program –  WheelHouse Technologies can advise you on the benefits and approach to extending your oil drain intervals.  Extended oil drains promotes sustainability by reducing the amount of oil consumed and waste oil disposal.  With the addition of bypass filtration that also boosts the oil additive package, and periodic oil analysis, you may be able to extend oil drain intervals.

For those new to oil analysis, a starter kit is available that includes three pre-paid oil analysis,  a vacuum pump, tubing, all in a water resistant box.   Analysis kits are also available singles, three packs, and ten packs. 


How to Use the EZ Label

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Reading a Coolant Analysis Report

Reading an Oil Analysis Report

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