SeaKits Announces Fluids Analysis Program for the Marine Industry

The first oil and coolant testing program specifically developed for the yacht and workboat owner/operator.

Oil Analysis Starter Kit SK1102

Bolton, MA – January 15, 2008 – SeaKits, Inc. today announced the launch of its Oil and Coolant Analysis Program specifically developed for yachts and workboats. Yacht and workboat owners and captains who want to implement a fluids testing program recognize that the large laboratories are not geared towards servicing the small operator who takes a few oil and coolant samples a year. The SeaKits program has addressed this by offering starter and individual test kits that are easy to purchase, easy to use, and that provide analysis results quickly to owner/operators via email and online.

SeaKits has partnered with POLARIS Laboratories to provide laboratory testing and technical support while SeaKits provides convenient packaging, customer service, and integration with its award winning Marine Maintenance SystemSM. POLARIS is the leader in complete testing and analysis for oils, fuels, and coolants in industries including transportation, industrial, and power generation.

“Progressive yacht and workboat owners know the value of periodically monitoring the condition of their fluid systems,” said Mark Minges, POLARIS Laboratories’ Chief Operating Officer. “With SeaKits’ front end to the marine market supported by POLARIS Laboratories’ standards for quality testing and analysis, SeaKits customers get the best of both worlds.”

Steve D’Antonio, a leading author, seminar leader, and consultant in the marine industry recently wrote a feature article in the December issue of Passagemaker. “Yacht owners in my seminars and consulting engagements routinely ask me if they should be performing oil and coolant analysis and I say ‘absolutely!’ The SeaKits/POLARIS partnership provides the service level and ease of use that owner/operators and small fleets require.”

SeaKits test kits are available for engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, engine coolant, and fuel. For customers wanting to get started in fluids testing, SeaKits offers a Starter Kit consisting of three oil analysis test packages, a reusable vacuum pump for drawing samples, sample jars and mailers, tubing, and prepaid return postage to the lab all in a convenient water resistant storage box. Customers also have the option of purchasing single test kits and three packs that include everything except the vacuum pump which is available separately. These include the test package, sample bottle, mailer, and prepaid postage. SeaKits will introduce its Test Kits at PassageMaker’s Trawler Fest in Stuart, FL on January 24-26, 2008.

For SeaKits Marine Maintenance SystemSM users, fluids analysis can be planned, scheduled, and the results linked to the equipment’s maintenance history all within MMS. MMS users also have the option of purchasing replacement kits in MMS, while non-MMS users can go to to purchase test kits.

“As a yacht owner who has used oil and coolant analysis on my own vessels, I am thrilled to offer the marine industry an easy to use program for low volume fluids testing”, said SeaKits founder Barry Kallander. “We think fluid testing is a key component to good maintenance and is recommended by all the marine engine manufacturers”.

About SeaKits

SeaKits, Inc. was founded in 2006 by a former submariner and USCG Licensed Master who wanted a better way to outfit and maintain his own trawler yacht for extended cruising. SeaKits provides the Marine Maintenance SystemSM and related products and services, including Spare Parts Kits, Spare Parts Outfitting, and Fluid Testing Services. Visit SeaKits on the web at, or contact them at 978-779-5211, or

Hometown Boats Win “Best Boat” Awards

At Newport International Boat Show Maintenance System Wins “Best Product”

Newport, RI, September 14, 2007 – Though it’s the International Boat Show and hundreds of offerings at the Newport Boat Show come from countries around the world, the judges of Newport For New Products picked two boats from Portsmouth, RI companies as the best new boats at the show. Ted Hood’s 55 Motor Sailer won the award as “Best Sailboat” and Hunt Yachts’ new Surfhunter 25 Center Console was named “Best Powerboat” at the 37th Annual Newport International Boat Show in Newport, Rhode Island today. Awarded “Best New Boating Product” was the SeaKits Marine Maintenance System that provides high tech planning of yacht and workboat equipment maintenance.

The awards were part of the Newport For New Products program which spotlights the new boats and boating products that make the most significant contribution to the experience of recreational boating. Sponsored by Cruising World, Sailing World and Power Cruising magazines, the program recognizes the Newport Show’s unique place as the first United States boat show for the new model year and a show at which many domestic manufacturers choose to introduce newly launched products and foreign manufacturers first introduce their offering to the American marketplace. Judging is done by an anonymous panel of boating experts provided by the magazines and awards are given based on innovation, value to the consumer and aesthetics.

The Hood 55 was acclaimed by the judges as “perfectly hitting the design criteria ‘for its category’ a proper motor sailer and not just a sail assisted motor boat”. Noted as having a “beautiful finish with top level equipment throughout” and an “incredibly spacious interior that goes on forever”, the 55 overwhelmed the judges with lines that suggest perfect operation whether under ail or power.

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The Surfhunter 25 CC is built on the establisher Surfhunter 25 hull but with a complete design change that allows the center console configuration and a power platform choice of jackshaft stern drive, and inboard diesel or jet drive propulsion. The judges noted the “excellent build quality throughout” with “great details and design right to the surprisingly roomy stand-up head”. In total, the judges chose the 25 as a boat that brings “New England flair to the center console market”.

Calling the Seakits Marine Maintenance System an “owner operator’s dream”, Newport For New Products judges named it “Best New Boating Product”. Offered by Seakits Inc. of Bolton, MA, the MMS is a fully integrated, web-based maintenance management system that keeps track of equipment maintenance needs, spare parts requirements, condition monitoring and every conceivable bit of operational information needed to run a passagemaking and offshore yacht or workboat. The judges noted that the “access to a huge database specific to each boat on which it’s installed makes it a huge time and boat saver”.

Nearly 50 boats and boating products were entered into the Newport For New Products program of the Newport International Boat Show, a display of over 700 boats in the water and on land around famous Newport harbor. In addition, several hundred exhibitors of boating equipment and accessories are part of the total of 800 exhibitors at the show this week. With both power and sail boats, the show includes areas fro trawlers, down-east style boats, fishing boats, catamarans, monohulls, cruising and racing sailboats plus kayaks and canoes. The Show opens daily through Sunday at 10 AM with a full schedule of seminars, children’s activities, harbor sails” but mostly the chance to view, board and experience beautiful boats in a beautiful setting. For more information, go to or call 846-1115.

SeaKits Announces the Marine Maintenance System

The first spare parts and maintenance solution for passage making yachts!

Bolton, MA – November 1, 2006 – SeaKits, Inc. today the launch of its Marine Maintenance System  the first comprehensive spare parts and maintenance management solution specifically developed for passage making and offshore yachts in the 40 to 100 range. MMS is designed for self-reliant owners and operators who want to optimize the safety, reliability, performance, and value of their yacht. MMS users enjoy the following significant benefits:

  • Improved vessel reliability through proper maintenance
  • Voyage continuity with onboard spare parts
  • Enhanced maintenance planning and management
  • Simplified warranty claims
  • Efficient outfitting for cruising
  • Higher retained value

MMS includes support for all marine systems and equipment by make, model, S/N, and warranty status; spare parts recommendations for coastal and offshore cruising, including part name, make, and part number; maintenance recommendations including task description, schedule, procedure, special tools, and required parts; maintenance and work planning and scheduling; and electronic documentation.

SeaKits has also introduced the Powered by SeaKits program for boat builders, dealers, architects, designers and yacht management companies. Chuck Wistar, President of Selene Annapolis Yachts and SeaKits customer, said A yacht builders reputation is based on the quality, performance, and resale value of their fleet. We have decided to include the SeaKits Marine Maintenance System as a standard feature on all yachts delivered by Selene Annapolis. The Powered by SeaKits program includes turnkey MMS development for specific yachts, co-branding, Builders Portal, and customized demonstration system.

Joe Johnson, President of expedition yacht builder Real Ships sees MMS as a natural fit to the purpose of their yachts. Our expedition yachts are designed to be cruised where spare parts and services are few and far between. MMS provides the platform for properly outfitting a yacht for cruising, as well as maintaining her according to the manufacturers recommendations.

Another MMS customer, Ken Williams, an experienced ocean cruiser whose Nordhavn 62 was one of two escort vessels during Nordhavn’s 2004 Atlantic Rally, figures the system to be a major component in the brand new boat he is preparing to take delivery of this spring. “MMS will be key to maintaining our new Nordhavn 68 to the highest standards.” Williams said. “Since Sans Souci will be maintained and operated by my wife and me, we wanted a maintenance solution specific to our yacht – not a generic set of recommendations. MMS provides all the important equipment, parts, and maintenance information at our fingertips.”

Aside from offering an all-encompassing maintenance program, SeaKits also provides complete spare parts outfitting and kitting service through a single point of contact. Barry Kallander, SeaKits” founder, said adding a comprehensive supply capability for parts outfitting was a natural extension to the Marine Maintenance System. “We represent hundreds of marine suppliers and can cost-effectively source everything from engine parts to marine systems. We label every part and “kit” them into water resistant boxes for onboard storage.” SeaKits is also offering global logistics to deliver parts to its customers wherever they may be.

For Peter Sheppard, an Australia-based Nordhavn 55 owner, choosing SeaKits to completely outfit his yacht for cruising was an ideal answer. “SeaKits provides a single source of competitive spare parts compared to literally dozens of suppliers I would have had to contact to outfit my boat,” said Sheppard, who also obtained the MMS system for his yacht. “I really like that my parts will be organized in kits and include labels identifying every part and its application.”

About SeaKits

SeaKits, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Barry Kallander, a former submariner and USCG Licensed Master who wanted a better way to outfit and maintain his own trawler yacht for extended cruising. SeaKits provides the Marine Maintenance SystemSM and related products and services, including Spare Parts Kits, Spare Parts Outfitting, and Global Logistics. SeaKits products and services are available through leading boat builders and direct from SeaKits. Ask your marine architect or boat builder about the Marine Maintenance System, or contact Barry directly at 978-779-5211, or

SeaKits Announces the SeaKits Damage Control Kit

According to Coast Guard estimates, one third of vessel casualties are due to flooding or stability problems.

Bolton, MA – November 1, 2006 – SeaKits, Inc. today announced the availability of the SeaKits Damage Control Kit, the most complete off-the-shelf flooding Damage Control Kit for commercial and passage making vessels under 150′. Containing over 35 plugs, patches, fasteners, tools, and a comprehensive Vessel Damage Control Guide, the Kit is recommended for vessels cruising or working outside protected waters, including offshore cruisers, fishing vessels, work boats, and ocean racing. The Kit was first introduced earlier this year on the SeaKits web site and at select boat shows and has been well received.

The SeaKits Damage Control Kit is designed to be carried onboard and readily available should the vessel experience flooding due to a collision, grounding, or mechanical failure of seawater through hulls, seacocks, piping, or shaft seals. The Kit includes all of the plugs, patches, fasteners, and tools for controlling most flooding situations, including hull and tank breaches, chafed seawater hoses, damaged through-hulls, split piping, and failed shaft seals. In addition, the Kit can be used to make temporary and permanent repairs to leaking coolant hoses, hydraulic lines, manifolds, exhausts, and a host of other applications. The Kit is delivered in a water resistant dry box to protect the parts from damage due to spray or humidity.

The Kit features traditional as well as innovative patching and plugging materials including neoprene rubber sections, split fire hose, and an assortment of softwood plugs and wedges, hose clamps, and oakum. Newer, innovative products include self amalgamating silicone sealing tape, and water activated epoxy pipe wraps and patches from Access-Able Technologies. The Kit contains the essential tools for damage control including a general purpose stainless steel rigging knife by Davis Instruments, a camp ax and folding saw from Buck Knives for pounding and sizing plugs and wedges, and a flexible shaft hose clamp driver from Ideal Hose Clamps. A Fulton waterproof flashlight is also included.

A comprehensive Vessel Damage Control Guide is provided that includes a description of all of the Kit’s components as well as detailed use instructions, training recommendations, flooding tables, and a method for diagramming through-hulls.

The SeaKits Damage Control Kit is available online at, and at select boat shows. Please visit for more information, or contact Barry Kallander at or 978-562-5211 to discuss how SeaKits can help you Cruise with Confidence.
About SeaKits

SeaKits, Inc. is a marine safety and maintenance management software company providing innovative products and services to passagemakers, luxury yachts, and working vessels. Founded by a former US Navy submarine sailor and master mariner, SeaKits mission is to help its customers Cruise with Confidence.