Automatic Engine Hour Updates Now Available

Have you ever wondered how you can integrate an on-board monitoring program with your preventative maintenance program.  This is now possible with the partnership between WheelHouse and GPLink.  WheelHouse provides an easy-to-use comprehensive program for managing the maintenance, documentation, and spare parts for a vessel or fleet.   GP Link  provides remote monitoring of the most critical parameters of your engines as well as auxiliary systems.  These remote capabilities allow you to monitor your assets from anywhere in the world.  Integration between GP Link and WheelHouse through the Internet of Things (IoT) allows our yacht and fleet customers the ability to have engine hours automatically fed into WheelHouse, eliminating the need for data entry and ensuring maintenance is up to date.  This automation tool can be especially useful with vessels in remote locations and large fleets.  Contact us to learn the benefits of these programs and how they can assist you in ensuring the safety, reliability, and value of your vessel or fleet.

WheelHouse Team Member Supporting Recovery Work in Puerto Rico

WheelHouse Program Manager Daniel Adamski took a leave of absence to support the recovery effort after Hurricane: Irma; Harvey; and Maria aboard the Mass Maritime Training ship Kennedy as she was activated with MARAD. Below is a recap of his recent logs regarding the trip. As internet communication is very limited, we remain delayed on some of the updates but appreciate his support on this mission and the information and photographs.  




28 September 2017
Spent 3 hours loading Communications equipment for the Secret Service and White House Advance Team. POTUS to visit the Island on Tuesday.

More FEMA Employees showed up.

27 September 2017
Pilots ETA 0700 and Tugs at 0730. All Secured by 0900. Damage on the way in is tremendous. Off the STBD side there is trees with No Leaves. The landscape is brown. Over 80% of the Island is without power. Power Lines and Poles are down everywhere.

We had 57 government officials show up. A mix of Secret Service and White House Advance team members. As well as 120 FEMA Employees.

26 September 2017
In a holding pattern off Puerto Rico awaiting orders from the Pilot.

23 September 2017
1000 Finished with Engines. 1242 Fuel Barge Alongside. 1420 Start Fueling. 1930 Secured from Fueling. 2000 for 2030 All Hands. 2130 Last Line. Underway Making Way bound for St. Thomas.
While in Miami we took on an additional 5,500 bbls (approx 231,000 gallons) of Bunkers and gained a few more FEMA employees. 55 People on board.

24 September 2017
TS Kennedy off of the North Side of Cuba steaming towards St. Thomas.

21 September 2017
The Captain and Chief Engineer re-evaluated our fuel on hand and our current burn rate. They calculated that once on Station in either PR or the Islands we would only be able to stay approx. 15 days before we would have to either get underway, as Fuel Barges are not available in the Virgin Islands. Even though we could get a fuel barge in Puerto Rico, the decision was made to make a stop in Miami, FL for Bunkers, as we did not know what state Puerto Rico would be in.

20 September 2017
We have been secured at Ingleside, TX for 4 days now and have loaded 18 more pallets of bottled water and 11 pallets of MRE’s (Meal Ready to Eat, approx 12,000 meals). We prepared to get underway, as we were ordered to leave TX and proceed to Puerto Rico/ Virgin Islands as the people there were/ are in dire need of assistance.

At this point we were getting low on Bunker Fuel, but could make it to PR/ Virgin Islands with plenty in reserve. We tried to take on Bunkers in Corpus Christi, TX (Tanker Port and next to Ingleside) but they could not provide the proper blend of fuel that we need. So the decision was made to get underway.

1318 Last Line
Underway outbound for sea, 42 Crew members and 7 FEMA members aboard. Steaming towards the Islands.

TrawlerFest 9/28 – 9/30 – Bay Bridge MD

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Strategically located in key cruising regions nationwide, TrawlerFest showcase the nation’s best in-water display of new & pre-owned cruising powerboats, first class boating courses and demos, the latest marine products & services, and rendezvous-style parties!

TrawlerFest is more than a boat show; it’s where industry, education, and community come together in a fun, relaxed, rendezvous-type atmosphere. TrawlerFest is an experience you simply won’t want to miss!

WheelHouse Team Member Aids in Hurricane Recovery

Photo by Mass Maritime

Photo by Dan Adamski

Photo by Dan Adamski

WheelHouse Program Manager, Dan Adamski had been employed as an officer for the Mass Maritime Training ship until he started working for WheelHouse in the summer of 2016.  Since then he still takes a couple weeks a year to go to sea.  Below are some excerpts on his recent trip with more to come.  

I recently boarded the USTS Kennedy, on a Orientation Mini Cruise for the incoming freshman class.   While in New York Harbor the training ship loaded 9,300 bbls of RME 180 Bunker C fuel oil, approx. 390,600 gallons, at this point their was significant talk about the Training Ship being activated for Disaster Relief efforts.  As we returned to the Academy the MARAD asked the school to keep the "Fires" in the boilers.

As of September first, MARAD took back the control of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy's training ship, the USTS Kennedy.  I was then approached by Captain Mike Campbell, Master USTS Kennedy, and Jeff Brown, MARAD Representative North East Region, where they requested that I stay aboard the ship as the 3rd Mate.  As we have all seen the coverage of the devastation from the recent hurricanes, relief efforts have been in the works through the Maritime Administration.  I accepted the temporary position since the people of this Great Nation need our help.   This activation will be for 1 Month, but they have the option of extending it by 1 month. 

We departed on Wednesday 06 September 2017 at the 1036 Slack High Water in Buzzards Bay, MA and begin our journey down to Texas, while Steaming South we felt effects of Hurricane IRMA..   During this trip we will be providing support for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) while they work on relief efforts.  The ship will house the FEMA employees and we will provide hot meals and berthing for them, as well as medical care.  

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but I feel that this is the right thing to do as the people need a tremendous amount of help and I appreciate the opportunity you have given me. Please note that we have now leaking Texas after a short stint and are preparing to head to Puerto Rico, St Thomas, or St. Croix and will be sure to update you along the way with stories and pictures from the trip.  

Thank You all and wish me well.  Bon Voyage


Help Wanted – Director of Sales and Marketing

WheelHouse Technologies comprehensive solution, WheelHouse, is used to manage all aspects of vessel maintenance, inspection, and repair in a single vessel or across a fleet.  WheelHouse includes planned and corrective maintenance management, maintenance history, inventory control, work order management, warranty tracking, electronic documentation, and many other features essential to maintaining the safety, reliability, and value of our customer’s vessels.

WheelHouse is looking for a Director of Sales and Marketing whom will be responsible for planning and implementing sales and marketing programs, both short and long range, targeted toward existing and new market segments.  If you are interested in growing in the marine industry; have a passion for sales and marketing; enjoy developing business relationship; continually learning new skills; and earning recognition for your contributions; you should consider WheelHouse Technologies.

Key Functions:

  1. Develop, negotiate, and close sales through: direct sales calls; lead follow-up; trade shows; direct mail; industry events; and telemarketing.
  2. Make 15-20 sales calls each week and qualify new opportunities to schedule subsequent calls and on-site meetings. Maintain regular communication with new and existing customers throughout the implementation process to ensure we are meeting all expectations.
  3. Prepare sales proposals and correspondence to clients in a timely and accurate manor. Negotiate pricing and terms within the established goals of the company.  Maintain documentation of all proposals, correspondence, and contracts related to prospective sales within Salesforce CRM.
  4. Prepare and implement annual sales and marketing plan and budget along with quarterly sales and revenue pipeline and update month end with actual figures, company tracking, and variance reports.
  5. Analyze and control expenditures to conform to budgetary requirements.
  6. Prepare periodic sales reports showing sales volume, potential sales, and areas of proposed expansion.
  7. Review and analyze sales performance against trade shows, quotes, and other incentives to determine effectiveness.
  8. Consult and maintain close communication with production manager and implementation team to ensure all contractual obligations are being met and customers are completely satisfied.
  9. Plan and oversee advertising and promotional activities including print; online, electronic media, trade shows and industry events.



Base Salary w/ Generous Sales Commission
Stock Options
Mileage allowance
Computer and cell phone


401K plan with Company Match
Paid Holidays (7)
Paid Vacation (10 increasing to 15)
Training and development opportunities



Commercial Marine Industry knowledge required.
2+ years outside sales experience required.
Successful track record in sales required
Must be a self-motivated driven professional
Ability and willingness to work independently
Competent in organizational and time management skills
Strong presentation and negotiation skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Computer literate:  Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Constant Contact, WordPress, AdWords, etc.


This is an East Coast position with option to work remotely
Ability to travel up to 20 – 35% domestic & international (passport required)

Clean background for TWIC / CAC card

Submit Cover Letter with Resume/CV electronically to:

Craig Parkhurst

Resumes will be accepted until 9/30 an review will begin on 10/1/17



Newport Charter Show – June 19-23

WheelHouse Technologies Exhibiting at the Newport Charter Show - June 19-23

Celebrating 35 years in existence, the Newport Charter Yacht Show is a showcase of luxury charter yachts alongside a display of ancillary goods and services for the charter industry. This four-day event is dedicated exclusively to yacht charter professionals; agents, owners, brokers and captains in the dynamic, picturesque setting of Newport, Rhode Island.  The show will showcase 25 large and luxurious charter yachts at the docks of Newport Shipyard.  While the public is invited to peek from shore at these beauties and interact with sponsors and vendors showing and selling their wares under dockside tents, the show really is about sharing with charter brokers from across the country and the world which yachts are available for on-water vacations in New England for summer and fall. Brokers come to the show to learn about the different amenities each yacht offers (deck layout, interior living spaces, furnishings, water toys and the like) as well as the personality and special talents of its captain and crew, which goes a long way in creating perfect matches for discriminating clients.

Newport Shipyard - Eli Dana

Nordhavn Atlantic Passage 2017

We have been pleased to be involved with the NAP 2017, the vessels on this trip include: "Aleoli" N52-75; "Angela" N55-34; "Moxie" N55-09; and "Relish N60-52.  WheelHouse has been used to manage the maintenance and spare parts outfitting on all of the vessels on their way across the Atlantic to Gibraltar.    In addition, we has sponsored Commanders Weather to ensure a smooth passage.  The vessels recently arrived in Hora, Azores for some much needed rest and then will be on to Gibraltar.  Check out their blog for full details on the adventure.      



WheelHouse Customer Vessels For Sale

WheelHouse is excited to introduce our WheelHouse Customer Vessels For Sale Page.  This page allows WheelHouse Yacht and Fleet Solutions customers and partners the ability to list vessels for sale. It is a free service for any active WheelHouse customer vessel.  We always encourage customers who are selling their boat to proudly advertise the fact that WheelHouse is on-board.  Having WheelHouse on-board adds significant value to the sales process by providing a detailed and concise vessel maintenance history, spare parts inventory and document tracking.  It also provides the new buyer with a simple and easy-to-use interface that charts the course to  maintenance success.  For those buyers interested in a vessel on this page, please reach out to the listing broker directly or through your buyers agent.

Meet us at the Inland Marine Expo May 22-24th

Meet the WheelHouse staff at booth 646 pf the Inland Marine Expo being held in The Dome at America’ s Center, St. Louis, Missouri May 22-24th.   IMX is the annual trade show for the inland and intracoastal marine transportation industry. At the show, you will find equipment and services that are critical in the transportation of goods along U.S. inland and intracoastal waterways.  The inland marine transportation industry is composed of more than 25,000 barges, 3,700 towboats and tugs, and 12,000 miles of waterways with docks, fleets and repair facilities. It is the largest (by vessel), most active (by number of vessels built) and most diverse sector of the U.S. commercial marine industry.

Recent Projects Overview

The first quarter was very exciting with a number of projects of varies scopes and sizes.  In addition to implementing a number of yachts from 40' - 80', we have also been working on a number of commercial projects including fire boats, ferry operators, and even a small cruise line.  Our thanks go out to our customers and the WheelHouse team who make this all possible.  

Nordhavn Atlantic passage 2017

Beginning in mid-May 2017 four vessels, starting out from Palm Beach, Florida and Nassau, Bahamas will continue across the Atlantic Ocean, to the Azores and thence to Gibraltar. We're calling this the "Nordhavn Atlantic Passage 2017", aka NAP 2017.  All vessels are WheelHouse users and we are pleased to support them with maintenance guidelines and parts outfitting.  Please see upcoming blogs for additional information on this trip and below is some additional information from their blog.   

The total journey for the Atlantic crossers will traverse approximately 3,900 nautical miles of open ocean, and will take us about a month to complete. Our schedule is noted further below.

Bernie Francis (see link here) is our organizer aboard the Nordhavn 55, Angela J. Ideally, assuming no weather delays, the trans-Atlantic portion will take approximately 30 days to reach Gibraltar, ending on or about 16-June.

The four vessels partaking in the flotilla and continuing to Gibraltar are:

  • Aleoli, N52-75, captained by Stefan Hearst 

  • Angela, N55-34, captained by Andre de Weldige Cremer 

  • Moxie, N55-09, captained by Bob Warshawer 

  • Relish, N60-52, captained by Silvio Gentile·          

This is the first time that a fleet of Nordhavn trawlers this large has undertaken such an ambitious ocean crossing since "Med Bound 2007."   Here is the anticipated schedule:

  • One boat (Relish) will depart Nassau on 15-May and steam towards Palm Beach.

  • On 17-May all other boats will depart Palm Beach and be joined by Relish enroute.

  • All boats should arrive in Bermuda on Monday 22-May.

  • The other four boats will depart Bermuda Friday 26-May for the 11 day passage to Horta, Azores, with an ETA of Tuesday 6-June.

  • Depart Horta on Saturday 10-June for a 6 day passage to Gibraltar.

  • Arrive Gibraltar on Friday 16-June.

     Currently all boats are in preparation mode...that involves servicing and verifying all systems, as well as provisioning spare parts, tools, lubricants, food and related galley supplies. As we get closer to departure date we'll be posting more updates here, including a link to a tracking site for monitoring the fleet's progress across the pond.  Stay tuned.

Go Where the Big Ships Cannot - Sailing with Blount means navigating the waters less traveled in a personal, uncrowded way. It’s going places that are inaccessible to larger cruise ships, docking where private yachts dock, and getting away from manufactured experiences. On a Blount cruise, you’ll never stand in line or feel lost in the crowd. With only 83 passengers, every cruise experience feels exclusive and personal.  Part of truly experiencing a place is savoring its local flavor. When you sail with Blount Small Ship Adventures, every meal is a feast for the senses. And our expert chefs ensure the cuisine is as much a part of the experience as the geography and the people. They shop the local farmer’s markets along the way so that you can dine on the freshest produce and salads, perfectly cooked meats and seafood, and decadent desserts. 

The City of Boston has a large, active harbor.  Like many water front cities, it has had fire boats for many years.  Over the years, many large fires were battled by fire boats.
In the 1970's Boston built the "Firefighter" which has served for nearly 40 years.  The city had several smaller boats as well.  Boston recently replaced the "Firefighter" with a new boat
called the "John S. Damrell" in 2011.  In 2016 Boston added another new boat, Marine 2, known as "Father Dan."  This boat is a smaller aluminum outboard boat.  A Search & Rescue Dive Team boat "Marine 3" the "Captain John Kenney" was put in service in 2010.  


For more than 90 years, BHC and the Nolan family have been leading the way with outstanding cruises on Boston’s historic harbor. What began with a man, a boat and a vision has grown into today’s BHC; with 500 daily departures, 53 vessels and 250 year-round employees, plus a seasonal workforce topping 650.   But don’t let our size fool you. BHC remains a small family business at heart, made up of people who love what they do and understand that what matters most is that passengers have a safe, enjoyable experience making memories to share with family and friends for a lifetime.

Entertainment Cruises is one of the the nation’s largest dining and sightseeing cruise company with a fleet of 30 ships in cities that include: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, National Harbor, MD, Norfolk, VA, Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C. and Weehawken, NJ.  From the fresh and fun Spirit to the modern and sleek Odyssey and Bateaux, to our Elite Private Yachts and exciting Seadog speedboat rides, Entertainment Cruises offers a wide range of guest experiences. Once onboard, each guest will see the city from a whole new perspective—from the water.  Entertainment Cruises operates more than ten thousand cruises and serves more than 1.5 million guests each year. We are inspired by our commitment to excellence and dedicated to creating unforgettable memories. 


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River Street Riverboat Company was established in Savannah, Georgia in 1991 under the guidance of its experienced captain, Jonathan H. Claughton. Since then, the company has matured into an important Savannah mainstay along historic River Street.  Decorated in traditional riverboat red, white and blue, these floating palaces continue to transport visitors back to a time when elegance and relaxation were expected from river travel. Offering a variety of cruises including the ever-popular sightseeing cruise, the dinner entertainment cruise, our special luncheon trips, Sunday brunch, Monday night gospel entertainment cruise, the beautiful sunset cruise and the moonlight entertainment cruise. River Street Riverboat Company has a tour for everyone!  In the fall of 2016 we proudly welcomed our newest addition to the fleet – the 1,000 passenger New Georgia Queen!  This beauty features an incredible 15,000-plus square feet of ballroom space, an exquisite three-story gourmet kitchen with 5-star dining and breathtaking views!