‘Spare Parts For Today’s Cruising Boat Owner’ by Bill Parlatore

There was a time when every marine professional recommended that anyone going cruising should carry spare parts for just about everything in the boat, however unrealistic that was. Seminar after seminar, the message was always the same. Yet the sheer expense of carrying around such redundancy, assuming it would even fit on the boat, made that impossible. It is 2020, and look at the world we live in. If one cruises anywhere in North America, as long as there is cell service, Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL are but a click away. Guaranteed overnight delivery is a valid alternative to local suppliers, who also may have what you need on their shelves.

Diesel Fuel Systems: Tanks, Plumbing, Filtration and Polishing Explained – June 15th, 2020 1:00 PM EST

Clean fuel, it’s the very lifeblood of any diesel engine, and for that reason its importance must not be taken for granted. The vast majority of diesel engine problems can be traced to contaminated fuel, and/or improper or inadequate filtration. Contaminated fuel not only raises the risk of unexpected engine shut down, it increases the likelihood of damage to fuel injection systems and metallic fuel tanks. In this photo-intensive presentation you’ll learn about the details of fuel tanks, plumbing, filtration and polishing, from how these systems work, to how to select materials, design and install each for the cleanest fuel, and highest engine reliability. You’ll discover why all fuel tanks and filtration systems are not created equal, and how to distinguish between poor, adequate and the very best of these components and designs. Common misperceptions and myths about fuel filtration will also be dispelled and clarified. Making heavy use of images from hundreds of Steve’s vessel inspections, as well as tens of thousands of miles of remote location cruising, an emphasis will be placed on real-world experience, as well as material selection and American Boat and Yacht Council Standards compliance, along with understanding inspection, design and installation techniques.