Fleet Feature Updates

Fleet Status Report

A Fleet Status report was recently added which can be viewed by the vessel and location level.  This report displays items such as OM and PM completion percentage.  Percentage values are displayed for alerts completed by their due date as well as those completed within 7 days / 75 hours of their due date.  In addition the report displays the number of completed tasks in the period as well as the current number of overdue tasks.

Engine Hour Status

Have you recently noticed a Clock Icon display next to any of your vessels in the Fleet / Vessels tab or Fleet Dashboard?  If so, it means that one or more of the engine runtimes are more than 30 days old.  Updating vessel runtimes on a regular basis ensures maintenance tasks alert at the appropriate time.  If you are having difficulty updating runtimes on a regular basis, we recommend you look into a vessel monitoring program.  This hardware is installed on-board and provides an automatic feed to WheelHouse on a daily basis.  

Captains Report Update

A few months ago we added a Captains Report which generates a daily e-mail to one or more users outlining open OM’s, PM’s, and recent history.  This report has now been expanded to include tasks due by group and can even include a forecast for upcoming maintenance.  A great example of the use of this is with documentation.  Documentation can be flagged to a group and a forecast set for 30 days.  The Captains Report will then e-mail a reminder for all documents 30 days before they are due.  To view and edit Captains Report settings, navigate to Fleet Home / Settings / Alert Settings.



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