Feature Update – Fleet Dashboard

     Last summer we released a fleet dashboard view that originally was only available by creating a new user account but we recently added this dashboard to all fleet administrators and fleet users access.  The dashboard allows a View Only scrolling display of vessel information including: readiness status; alert count; task details; and overdue indicator.  This is a responsive web page that is equally suited to displaying on a mobile phone as a control room wall panel display.  Fleet admins will see all vessels in their program while fleet users will only see the vessels assigned to them in their user profile.  While this page is static, we are currently developing a new tile display to show details on a number of fleet functions.  To learn about recent and upcoming feature additions, please review our splash screens and check out our Release Notes Blog.   If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.  Click the above "Go to WheelHouse" to accept this message and log into WheelHouse.

  • Displays readiness status; alerts count; task details; and amount overdue
  • Best viewed on wall displays in full screen mode
    • Dashboard Access only users, future release will allow for existing user integration
  • Page refreshes every (5) minutes
  • Vessel Readiness notes may be displayed by hovering over vessel name
  • Formatted to display up to (10) alerts per vessel
    • Alert scrolling is paused by hovering cursor over alerts
    • Continuous scroll through vessel fleet or manually scroll with vessel and fleet scroll bars


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