Beaver Island Boat Company Walkdown

We recently signed the M/V Emerald Isle and M/V Beaver Islander, of Beaver Island Boat Company as a WheelHouse customer.  BIBCO is located in the northern end of Lake Michigan and due to the ice is a seasonal business.  With the boat out of service in the winter, the only option to get to the island is by air.  After a long wait due to a low ceiling, Ian finally made it out to Beaver Island for one of our more remote vessel walkdowns in the Continental United States.  There was a story in town that reminds us of the dangers of working on the water.  There was a commercial fisherman had ran out of fuel and was stuck in the ice. We passed him on Tuesday when flying over and he was still there last night. A Coast Guard helicopter dropped them food and water Wednesday morning around 5:30 am. A Coast Guard icebreaker arrived yesterday evening from Green Bay to get the boat out.  

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