WheelHouse Team Member Supporting Recovery Work in Puerto Rico

WheelHouse Program Manager Daniel Adamski took a leave of absence to support the recovery effort after Hurricane: Irma; Harvey; and Maria aboard the Mass Maritime Training ship Kennedy as she was activated with MARAD. Below is a recap of his recent logs regarding the trip. As internet communication is very limited, we remain delayed on some of the updates but appreciate his support on this mission and the information and photographs.  




28 September 2017
Spent 3 hours loading Communications equipment for the Secret Service and White House Advance Team. POTUS to visit the Island on Tuesday.

More FEMA Employees showed up.

27 September 2017
Pilots ETA 0700 and Tugs at 0730. All Secured by 0900. Damage on the way in is tremendous. Off the STBD side there is trees with No Leaves. The landscape is brown. Over 80% of the Island is without power. Power Lines and Poles are down everywhere.

We had 57 government officials show up. A mix of Secret Service and White House Advance team members. As well as 120 FEMA Employees.

26 September 2017
In a holding pattern off Puerto Rico awaiting orders from the Pilot.

23 September 2017
1000 Finished with Engines. 1242 Fuel Barge Alongside. 1420 Start Fueling. 1930 Secured from Fueling. 2000 for 2030 All Hands. 2130 Last Line. Underway Making Way bound for St. Thomas.
While in Miami we took on an additional 5,500 bbls (approx 231,000 gallons) of Bunkers and gained a few more FEMA employees. 55 People on board.

24 September 2017
TS Kennedy off of the North Side of Cuba steaming towards St. Thomas.

21 September 2017
The Captain and Chief Engineer re-evaluated our fuel on hand and our current burn rate. They calculated that once on Station in either PR or the Islands we would only be able to stay approx. 15 days before we would have to either get underway, as Fuel Barges are not available in the Virgin Islands. Even though we could get a fuel barge in Puerto Rico, the decision was made to make a stop in Miami, FL for Bunkers, as we did not know what state Puerto Rico would be in.

20 September 2017
We have been secured at Ingleside, TX for 4 days now and have loaded 18 more pallets of bottled water and 11 pallets of MRE’s (Meal Ready to Eat, approx 12,000 meals). We prepared to get underway, as we were ordered to leave TX and proceed to Puerto Rico/ Virgin Islands as the people there were/ are in dire need of assistance.

At this point we were getting low on Bunker Fuel, but could make it to PR/ Virgin Islands with plenty in reserve. We tried to take on Bunkers in Corpus Christi, TX (Tanker Port and next to Ingleside) but they could not provide the proper blend of fuel that we need. So the decision was made to get underway.

1318 Last Line
Underway outbound for sea, 42 Crew members and 7 FEMA members aboard. Steaming towards the Islands.

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