WheelHouse Team Member Aids in Hurricane Recovery

Photo by Mass Maritime

Photo by Dan Adamski

Photo by Dan Adamski

WheelHouse Program Manager, Dan Adamski had been employed as an officer for the Mass Maritime Training ship until he started working for WheelHouse in the summer of 2016.  Since then he still takes a couple weeks a year to go to sea.  Below are some excerpts on his recent trip with more to come.  

I recently boarded the USTS Kennedy, on a Orientation Mini Cruise for the incoming freshman class.   While in New York Harbor the training ship loaded 9,300 bbls of RME 180 Bunker C fuel oil, approx. 390,600 gallons, at this point their was significant talk about the Training Ship being activated for Disaster Relief efforts.  As we returned to the Academy the MARAD asked the school to keep the "Fires" in the boilers.

As of September first, MARAD took back the control of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy's training ship, the USTS Kennedy.  I was then approached by Captain Mike Campbell, Master USTS Kennedy, and Jeff Brown, MARAD Representative North East Region, where they requested that I stay aboard the ship as the 3rd Mate.  As we have all seen the coverage of the devastation from the recent hurricanes, relief efforts have been in the works through the Maritime Administration.  I accepted the temporary position since the people of this Great Nation need our help.   This activation will be for 1 Month, but they have the option of extending it by 1 month. 

We departed on Wednesday 06 September 2017 at the 1036 Slack High Water in Buzzards Bay, MA and begin our journey down to Texas, while Steaming South we felt effects of Hurricane IRMA..   During this trip we will be providing support for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) while they work on relief efforts.  The ship will house the FEMA employees and we will provide hot meals and berthing for them, as well as medical care.  

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but I feel that this is the right thing to do as the people need a tremendous amount of help and I appreciate the opportunity you have given me. Please note that we have now leaking Texas after a short stint and are preparing to head to Puerto Rico, St Thomas, or St. Croix and will be sure to update you along the way with stories and pictures from the trip.  

Thank You all and wish me well.  Bon Voyage


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