Fleet Solutions Template Library

The newly released Fleet Template Library, which is available to all WheelHouse Fleet Solutions customers, allows users the ability to create a library of frequently used equipment ID's and apply those templates to other vessels or assets.  This library maintains all equipment information, documentation; spare parts guidelines; and maintenance recommendations in an easy to search format.  To activate this feature for your fleet, please have a Fleet Administrator reach out to us.

  • Available for all new and existing Fleet Solutions customers
  • Configurable permission levels
  • Allows for quick and convenient updates on new and existing equipment
  • Simplifies standardization of maintenance procedures

When the Template Library tool is activated, users with the appropriate permission will now see make & add template icons within the Equipment Manager.  They will also see an Equipment Template Manager under the Fleet Settings Tab.  Either of these may be used to view or delete templates.  

  • The Manufacturer and Model No. are the constants within templates and are used for ID.
  • When creating multiple templates for similar equipment, the Template ID will change.  

Once an Equipment ID is fully populated with description; documents; spares; and maintenance, click the Make Template Icon to create a new template. 

  • When creating a template you can choose to create a new template or write over an existing template.
  • If you select to overwrite an existing template, it allows you to select which template to overwrite.  
  • This selection is simplified provided you have added notes specific to the template.  For example, if you create a template for a John Deere 4045 and one is for a keel cooled engine and one is for a raw water cooled, while they are both the same manufacturer and model no., the template number and notes will be discrete.  

Once a template has been created and you want to overwrite another equipment ID or write to a new equipment ID, click the View Template icon and use the search function to find the template you would like to apply.  

  • You can search my manufacturer or model no.
  • Select the template you would like to apply using the magnifying glass icon and click Apply Template.
  • Alternatively you can click the edit icon to edit the template notes. 

Once you selected the template to apply you can choose what elements to apply.

  • For example, if you are overwriting an existing entry, you may choose to only update documentation or maintenance. 
  • You can then set the commission date for the equipment and it will configure the warranty and maintenance dates based off that entry.  
  • Finally, if overwriting an existing ID, please note that the history files may not reflect the original information so it is important to back up the files. 
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