Planned Maintenance Periods

In an effort to provide our continually growing customer base efficient and reliable service, we are planning two upcoming maintenance events.  Both of these events will require WheelHouse to be off-line for a limited time.  The details on the times and the system improvements are below.  During these maintenance periods, users will not be able to access WheelHouse and a maintenance screen will be shown at our system URL of  Once the maintenance is complete, the log-in URL will be restored and system access will resume.




Maintenance Event #1: Tonight, March 7th from 8:00pm until 12:00am EST

  • A replica of all production data will be copied to our staging environment. To ensure a complete copy, the system needs to be off-line and no production files or system structure will be changed during this event.
    • This copy will provide a complete system snapshot including: codebase; user files; and system database. Normally these items are backed up separately.
    • This snapshot will allow our staging database to be a true replica of production for specific use case testing.
    • In addition, this replication provide a live system test for our planned migration of the production database to a High Availability Group scheduled Monday, March 13th.

Maintenance Event #2: Monday, March 13th from 8:00pm until 12:00am EST

  • Codebase server will be enhanced to a fully scale-able high-performance, Raid 10-protected SSD
  • Database is being upgraded to a High Availability Group to improve the reliability and provide additional redundancy.
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