Introducing WheelHouse Underway

Underway Header

  WheelHouse Underway™, an off-line tablet application for Apple™, Android™, and Windows™ devices is now available.   Underway expands the functionality of the WheelHouse Marine Maintenance System, which provides: fleet facilities & vessel specifications, documentation, maintenance recommendations, and spare parts guidelines in a cloud-based application.

Underway provides the long-awaited off-line access to WheelHouse allowing customers a convenient way to view equipment information, documents, as well as enabling users to view and complete maintenance tasks when an internet connection is unavailable.  Once an internet connection becomes available, all information may be synced to the cloud.

WheelHouse Underway takes advantage of both tablet and cloud technology and provides a user friendly application even when internet is unavailable.  With internet access limited in remote areas, engineers, yacht owners and crew, will find WheelHouse Underway an indispensable tool to keep their vessels’ maintenance current.  Please review our underway-quick-start-guide for support in configuring Underway.

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