WheelHouse Release Notes – V4.0

We are near complete with he rolling release of  Version 4.0 which is designed to aid Fleet Solutions customers with inventory, work management, and reporting requirements.  Below is an outline of the key elements to this release as well as information on the additional elements yet to be released. We are also in the process of updating our knowledge base to reflect these additions.

Work Order Modifications – Changes have been made to increase the dynamic nature of work orders.  Issued work orders may now be edited and additional tasks may be added to an open work order.

Inventory Parts – Depot parts may now be added to both OM’s and PM’s.  Parts added to OM’s will be automatically subtracted from inventory when added to a task and they will be subtracted when a job is complete from PM’s.

Fleet / Vessel Performance – Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as mean time between failures, task completion compliance, and overall readiness are now available on the Fleet Reports tab.  Maintenance cost reporting includes filtering on history type with calculator for labor rates.   In addition there is now dismissed task and rescheduled task reason logging.  Please note that this functionality will only work on history entries from this date forward.

Fleet Notifications- Alert Settings have been added to the Settings tab to create instant notifications upon the creation or close of alerts and / or work orders.  This also allows for the automatic notification to a user whom created an OM.

Equipment Relocation – You are are now able to relocate equipment to another system.  This is completed by clicking on the Admin tab within a vessel, selecting Equipment and changing the System name in the dropdown list.

Fleet / Vessel Status- Under the Fleet Settings tab / Vessels, you now have the ability to add readiness status and vessel notes to the Fleet Vessel tab.

Users- A users module, due to be released this week, allows fleet Admin users the ability to create unlimited users with various access levels.  Five default configurations aid in the ability to set-up new users.

Log Book- The log book has typically been a system log but the addition of a Fuel Log, Vessel Log, and separation of the existing logs, makes it a full function logging tool which will be released soon.

Form Generator-We are in the process of developing a Form Generator which should be released later this month to allow users the ability to create their own electronic checklists and forms to be used in conjunction with the existing History Manager.  This will aid in drill and inspection checklists as well as SMS, Subchapter M, and other reporting requirements.

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