WheelHouse Technologies, Inc. and Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. sign Cooperative Marketing Agreement

October 4, 2011, Hudson, MA – WheelHouse Technologies, Inc. and Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. (SDMC) announced today a new joint marketing and cooperation agreement that leverages the complementary nature of the two businesses for their customers and prospects. The two companies have been cooperating since WheelHouse founder and President Barry Kallander first met Steve D’Antonio in 2007. Since then, Barry and Steve have supported dozens of shared customers and exchanged marine systems information that have both benefitted Steve’s popular articles and been leveraged into the popular WheelHouse marine maintenance system.

With a large number of shared customers, and many more of each company that can benefit from our joint experience, the two companies are launching a new level of collaboration and cooperation, including:

  • Steve D’Antonio’s new blog, the Marine Systems Excellence Blog, will be available on the WheelHouse Technologies home page. When customers go to www.wheelhousetech.com to log into their WheelHouse, they have the opportunity to read Steve’s industry leading blog.
  • SDMC has become a WheelHouse Preferred Service Partner. As a Preferred Service Partner, Steve has full access to WheelHouse’ proprietary equipment templates, Equipment Document Library, and corrective maintenance records for use in research and articles.
  • WheelHouse Discount available to SDMC Captains Club Members. Captains Club Members and other referred customers of SDMC will receive a 20% discount on WheelHouse implementation and first year subscription services.
  • WheelHouse Technologies new PM Series Advertising Campaign will include commentary by Steve D’Antonio. The PM Series advertisements and expanded web detail highlight a common preventive maintenance task aboard yachts and workboats and link to a discussion at www.wheelhousetech.com on PM importance, tools, and techniques for the conduct of maintenance.
  • WheelHouse Technologies recommends Steve D’Antonio’s Pre-purchase, Captains Club, and industry consulting expertise to their suppliers and customers. To focus efforts on its core business delivering turn-key maintenance programs to yachts and workboats based on the award-winning WheelHouse maintenance management platform, Steve D’Antonio will be the recommended consultant to WheelHouse customers for vessel selection and technical support services.

Richard Ossoff, owner of Cronulla (Selene 60), WheelHouse and Captains Club customer said “WheelHouse is a wonderful tool for managing and tracking the extensive maintenance requirements of our trawler and Steve’s Captain’s Club provides me with unparalleled expertise and responsiveness on trouble-shooting as well as counsel on upgrades and systems enhancements. Together, they make an unbeatable combination for managing maintenance and providing skilled, on-target trouble-shooting and overall care of my boat.”

Barry Kallander, president and founder of WheelHouse Technologies, said “Our collaboration with Steve has had a positive impact on our customers through Steve’s input to our proprietary equipment templates that provide the basis for our turnkey services. Steve and our team routinely interact in an open exchange of information that ultimately benefits the customer. We look forward to our continued and expanded relationship with Steve.”

Steve D’Antonio, one of the most prolific and highly regarded technical writers and consultants in the marine industry, said “I have watched Barry and WheelHouse Technologies (formerly SeaKits, Inc.) since they first appeared on the scene in 2006. Over the years I am convinced, through mine and my customer’s experience using WheelHouse, that it is the most comprehensive maintenance solution available. What’s more, it is backed by a group of individuals I have come to know and respect. I look forward to my continued association with WheelHouse Technologies and their contribution to the safety, reliability, and value of my customer’s yachts.”

About WheelHouse Technologies, Inc.

WheelHouse Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2006 by a submarine service veteran and USCG Licensed Master with a vision to improve the availability and reliability of yachts and workboats through sound maintenance practices. The company provides WheelHouse Yacht Solutions and WheelHouse Fleet Solutions, a computerized maintenance management system operating in the cloud for single vessels and fleets. In addition, the company provides related products and services including SeaKits Brand Kits, Global Parts Logistics, and Owners/Systems Manuals. WheelHouse Technologies products and services are available through leading boat builders, service partners, and company direct.

About Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc.

With nearly 25 years of experience as a marine mechanic, electrician, consultant, technical journalist and boatyard manager, Steve D’Antonio ranks as one of the most knowledgeable boating experts in the country. He has operated Virginia-based Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting since 2007, advising boat buyers, owners and industry professionals.

For more details contact:

Barry Kallander
President/Founder President
WheelHouse Technologies, Inc.
282 Central Street, Unit 9
Hudson, MA 01749

Steve D’Antonio
Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc.
PO Box 111
Wake, VA 23176

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