WheelHouse Technologies announces the launch of WheelHouse Mobile

Today, WheelHouse Technologies announced the launch of WheelHouse MobileSM to provide a new and easy way to update your WheelHouse Maintenance System without having to log-on to the web.  WheelHouse Mobile takes advantage of smart phone technology and provides an easy to use application wherever you have a cellular signal.  Key features of WheelHouse Mobile include:

  • Access WheelHouse Mobile anytime at http://mobile.wheelhousetech.com and log-on using your normal user name and password.  We recommend saving the link on your phone as well.
  • WheelHouse Mobile is available on any smartphone, including Android-based phones, iPhones, and Blackberrys, among others.
  • Receive Maintenance Alerts via email message whenever a new maintenance alert comes due, and link to WheelHouse Mobile directly from the message.   You will only receive messages  when a new Maintenance Alert comes due.
  • Turn WheelHouse Mobile on/off  from the WheelHouse (web) Admin menu, as well as identify up to 3 email addresses to receive Maintenance Alerts.  Your email address of record is the default address.
  • Update runtimes (to ensure your maintenance schedule is current), view new maintenance alerts as they come due, and view all active maintenance alerts at any time.  After one day, all “New Alerts” can then be found in the “All Alerts” list.
  • Maintenance Alerts that are completed in WheelHouse Mobile dynamically update your WheelHouse web application.
  • WheelHouse Mobile includes Help topics, or you can always contact us at Support@wheelhousetech.com.

WheelHouse Technologies has released version 1.0 of WheelHouse Mobile.

WheelHouse Mobile is another step in our pursuit to deliver easy to use content that helps you maintain your vessel.  Feel free to send us feedback on your experience, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We encourage you to try WheelHouse Mobile and configure it according to your needs.  Thanks for using WheelHouse and WheelHouse Mobile!

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