PM Series: PM Task – Inspect Control Linkage


Regular inspection of your engine control linkage ensures that your engines throttle and shift controls will operate properly.  Your engine control system may be different than the Hynautic controls in our example, so please consult your WheelHouse or manufacturer’s manual for specifics.

While the system mentioned in this PM is hydraulic, there are also electronic, manual, and pneumatic engine control systems.  With the exception of a full electronic engine control system, each of these types typically includes some mechanical components including cables and linkage which requires regular inspections.
Understanding the components in your particular instillation is the first step in being able to complete a proper inspection.

The following practices should be observed along with the specific details included in your engine controls owner’s manual:

  1. Power down electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic sources.
  2. Thoroughly inspect control head connections in the pilothouse, wing stations, and other remote stations.
  3. Inspect mechanical connections on engine throttle bodies and gear boxes to ensure that vibration has not loosed them. Note: Photo below shows control linkage with missing cotter pin.
  4. Power back up all sources and start the engines.  If any tightening or adjustment was required, ensure proper adjustment and operation before putting back in service.

About our “Preventative Maintenance (PM) Series”

This is where we will discuss a typical preventive maintenance task each month.  Our goal is to communicate a PM found on most vessels by highlighting the requirements for a specific piece of equipment and then expand on equipment variations and techniques.  While you may not have the specific equipment referenced in the PM Series, the concepts should apply to your equipment.  The PM Series presents actual PMs taken from the WheelHouse Maintenance Management System.  WheelHouse users will always have the PMs and related documents and parts that are specific to their equipment.  Non WheelHouse users  should always refer to manufacturers guidance for your specific equipment when completing maintenance.  Contact WheelHouse for a product demonstration and pricing information.

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