WheelHouse Partner POLARIS Laboratories™ Announces Software Upgrade

WheelHouse Technologies oil and coolant analysis partner POLARIS Laboratories™ has officially launched HORIZON® 4, its newest version of the web-based data management software application that has been the company’s comparative advantage in the marketplace for the past decade.  Horizon, which has been seamlessly integrated into WheelHouse since 2008, provides improved data analysis through a customizable dashboard.  WheelHouse customers will continue to be able to link their oil and coolant analysis directly to Maintenance History, and seamlessly open the Horizon dashboard from within WheelHouse. 

WheelHouse and non-WheelHouse customers should be aware of the expanded user security provisions in Horizon to ensure the applications continue to seamlessly work together.    You should have received a message directly from POLARIS providing new log-in requirements.  If you are logging into Horizon directly, your new log-in credentials are sufficient. 

For WheelHouse customers, we have reflected the new log-in information so that you can seamlessly link from WheelHouse to Horizon.   We recommend that you update your log-in information (helps you to remember it) in WheelHouse by selecting Admin in the main navigation menu, then select Fluids Analysis in the left pane to update your user name and password.

If you change your password it is necessary to update WheelHouse with the Remote Credential Key to maintain the seamless integration.  You can do this yourself following the instructions below, or contact us and we can do it for you.  To update the Remote Credential Key yourself, do the following (only needed if you change your password or if linking is not working):

To get the Remote Credential Key, login to Horizon http://www.polarislabs1.com/ using your plain text User Name and Password.  Your plain text login will be your email address and password that you set up during your initial fluids analysis registration.  If you do not know your plain text login contact us for assistance.

1. Once logged into Horizon, go to “My Settings” in the top right.
2. Then go to “Remote Login” at the bottom of the left navigation.
3. Copy and Paste the string of characters in the Password field from Horizon into the Remote Credential Key area in WheelHouse.  This information is entered into your “Fluids Analysis” settings found in the “Admin” section of WheelHouse.

4. Save this info in WheelHouse by selecting Update.
5. Test remote login by clicking the “View Fluids Analysis Report” from the Fluids Analysis Page or from any Maintenance History entry that is linked.

Oil and coolant analysis continues to provide critical insight to the health of your engines and fluid systems.  For more information, including User Guides, Wear Metal Guides and other important information go to https://www.wheelhousetech.com/services/oil-and-coolant-analysis/.

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