“Not So Spare” Parts

I can’t help but think that the term “spare parts” suggests that they are “extra” which diminishes their importance – of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Lately, we have seen some yachts embark without proper spares outfitting. The result can lead to voyage interruption, require expensive parts logistics, or create equipment or safety consequences. In most cases, these situations can be avoided.

Proper spares outfitting is some of the best insurance you can buy for safe and reliable cruising. And in the grand scheme, a good spares outfit doesn’t have to break the bank. Coastal spares outfitting can usually be done for less than $5,000, while yachts heading into remote areas or offshore can outfit for $10,000 and up, depending on where they are going and the owners/captains risk tolerance and ability.

MMS identifies all the recommended spare parts for coastal and offshore cruising. Coastal spares recommendations include one year worth of service parts plus common repair parts. Offshore parts recommendations include coastal spares plus additional repair parts recommended by the manufacturer and our fleet experience.

To stay on top of the spares game we monitor MMS maintenance history across a fleet of over 150 yachts. We investigate common or repetitive failures and update maintenance recommendations accordingly.

MMS provides online parts ordering with quote requests turned around in usually 24 hours, and delivery anywhere in the world. Parts are individually labeled and can be kitted as well. We stand behind the parts we provide –if we recommend the wrong part number, or if the part is defective, it will be replaced at no cost. Of course, MMS always provides OEM name and part number so you can purchase locally as well.

If you haven’t experienced SeaKits Parts Outfitting we hope you will give it a try. Whether you outfit with us or do it yourself, don’t go to sea without a proper parts inventory as specified in your MMS.

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