Selling Your Yacht with MMS

As a Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB), I understand how difficult it can be to sell a yacht in these tough economic times. Buyers and their agents are constantly prodding for information on how well a yacht was maintained and what documentation is available. While the survey provides an “as found” condition of the vessel, it does not reflect the material condition of all the yacht’s systems, equipment, and specific maintenance history.

The SeaKits Marine Maintenance System (MMS) can help a seller rise above the fleet of yachts on the market. I was so struck by the impact MMS can have on the sales process I now work with the company as a Program Manager. Here are a few ways MMS can make a difference when you buy or sell your yacht:

  •  MMS is a veritable “car fax” in the yacht industry, providing a detailed maintenance history of all the preventive and corrective maintenance performed on the yacht
  •  MMS provides an “as-built” of the yacht that is useful in developing a detailed listing or selling brochure
  • MMS identifies the onboard spare parts being conveyed with the yacht that help support the valuation
  • MMS provides an electronic library of the vessel documentation, manufacturer’s documentation, parts catalogs, data sheets, and troubleshooting guides

If you are a current MMS user, keep up with your maintenance and you will be rewarded should you decide to sell your boat. If you are buying a boat, specify MMS as part of your purchase agreement, or, buy your yacht from one of the builders that include MMS as standard equipment (visit our website for a list of partners). A modest investment in MMS will pay dividends in the safety, reliability, and value of your new vessel.

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