How to Create Your Reference Library

As MMS users know, each equipment record’s documents tab contains the electronic versions of operators’ and parts manuals, data sheets, and other documents available from the original manufacturer. And, via the tab’s “Add Document” link, users can add any files they may want to upload.

Most users agree that it is very useful to have these documents in electronic form. In that sense, MMS is a sort of “e-Library” of valuable technical information all in one place!

Electronic files enable you to:

  • Use the application’s search feature to pinpoint terms or keywords on a specific topic
  • Use the application’s “zoom” feature to see detail (on a drawing for example)
  • Print a hard copy if you lose or can no longer read yours
  • Copy and share a file with a friend via email or portable drive (such as a writeable CD or Flash Drive)

You’ve always been able to save any single MMS file to your computer, but did you know that you can now download all of them in one fell swoop to your laptop?
It’s easy. From your Home Page, just click the Admin button, then the “Export Vessel Documents” link and follow the directions. Click “Download Documents” and the process starts. Click “Save” on the File Download dialog box, and a zipped folder will be created wherever you designate. Unzip it, and there are all your manuals to read, print, or share.

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