Pre-Startup and Daily Inspections

MMS includes Preventive Maintenance tasks (PMs) called “daily checks” for systems and equipment that have pre-startup and/or daily inspection requirements. Because these PMs have a “daily” maintenance interval we turn the alert off to prevent the user being buried in PMs (you can turn these alerts back on if desired). An example of the daily check PM for a typical wet exhaust diesel engine would include checking the oil, coolant, primary fuel filter, v-belt tension, raw water strainer, and a general condition inspection.

While MMS will have a number of daily check PMs when it is delivered, you can easily add additional ones if you want. To do so, go to the equipment’s Maintenance Tab and select “Add Planned Task” in the upper right. Make the frequency field equal to “daily” and decide if you want the alerts on or off.

We recommend having a hardcopy of your daily check PMs handy, perhaps in a notebook or posted near the related equipment, until the inspections are habitual. To view and print your daily checks, select Reports on the menu bar and then choose Maintenance Tasks on the left. From the drop-down menus select All Systems and Alert Status “Off.” You can then review them on screen or print the results using the print icon in the upper right.
Start using the daily check PMs that you have in hard-copy and soon they will be second nature.

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