Curtis Stokes/The Sacks Group Yachting Professionals, Inc. to include the SeaKits Marine Maintenance System

Curtis Stokes/The Sacks Group Yachting Professionals, Inc. to include the SeaKits Marine Maintenance System

Fort Lauderdale, FL – February 12, 2009 – Curtis Stokes at The Sacks Group Yachting Professionals, Inc., and SeaKits, Inc. announced today a joint marketing relationship that will enhance the long term value of yachts sold by Curtis Stokes.

In today’s economic climate, yacht buyers are evaluating the overall life-cycle cost of the vessels they purchase like never before. In addition to a fair purchase price, buyers want a safe and reliable yacht that will retain its value. SeaKits award-winning Marine Maintenance Systemsm (MMS) is enhancing the safety, reliability, and value on over 100 yachts by providing a comprehensive planned maintenance program to keep the yacht in top condition.

Curtis Stokes, one of the leading yacht brokers in the industry, said “I want to offer my clients something extra that will enhance the long term value of their yacht following the sale. SeaKits web-based maintenance program provides a comprehensive solution that captures all the maintenance requirements, spare parts recommendations, and manufacturers’ documents in an easy-to-use web application.”

Effective immediately, Curtis is offering a free Generator Parts Kit that contains a year’s worth of common service parts, and a 10% discount on the cost of MMS on all brokerage yachts. “We want to show our clients that we care about the long term value of their yacht and not just making the sale.” said Curtis.

Clients using MMS enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved vessel reliability through proper maintenance
  • Voyage continuity with onboard spare parts
  • Enhanced maintenance planning and management
  • Simplified warranty claims
  • Efficient outfitting for cruising
  • Higher retained value

Barry Kallander, founder of SeaKits, Inc., said “We have seen Curtis’ commitment to offering the best yachts and really caring about his client’s experience after the sale. We are pleased to partner with Curtis Stokes and the Sacks Group to help their clients keep their yachts in top condition.”

About Curtis Stokes and The Sacks Group International Yachting Professionals

Curtis Stokes is a licensed and bonded yacht broker with The Sacks Group Yachting Professionals, Inc. based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and specializing in worldwide yacht sales, yacht charters and yacht new construction. Curtis Stokes offers professional, honest, discreet and personal assistance to a select group of clients and customers worldwide. For more information contact Curtis directly at 954 684 0218, or, or visit

About SeaKits

SeaKits, Inc. was founded in 2006 by a submarine service veteran and USCG Licensed Master who wanted a better way to outfit and maintain his own trawler yacht for extended cruising. SeaKits provides the Marine Maintenance Systemsm and related products and services, including Outfitting and Global Logistics. For more information contact Barry Kallander at 978-779-5211, or, or visit

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