Using Wheelhouse For Voyage Preparation

Are you planning a voyage that will make it inconvenient to do planned maintenance? MMS can help you forecast maintenance that is pending and knock it out before you leave. For example, you are planning a cruise from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska, over the upcoming three weeks and you plan on consuming 120 engine hours. Using the maintenance forecast feature in MMS you can determine what maintenance will be due during the cruise. With forecast in hand, decide what maintenance to complete before departure, under way, or at your destination. You can also make sure you have the required service parts before departure.

Here’s how to generate a maintenance forecast report for this trip:

  • From the Home Page, click Update Runtimes and enter your current engine hours.
  • Click Create/Print Maintenance Forecast. Select All Systems and set the forecast variables to 125 hours and 21 days (from the example above).
  • Click the print icon in the upper right corner to print a hardcopy maintenance forecast. Maintenance task and required parts will be shown on the report.
  • Perform the maintenance (or perform later but make sure you have the required parts listed in the PM).
  • When the maintenance is completed, click View Alerts/Complete Maintenance and set the same forecast period. Click the Completed icon to the right of the PM and fill out the Maintenance History.

With a little forethought and planning, and by following 5 simple steps, you can use MMS to get ahead on your maintenance so you can relax and enjoy the cruise knowing your vessel’s maintenance is up-to-date.

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